Thomann EP 906 GP Superior Euphonium

559 166,43 Ft (Csomagolási és postázási költséggel együtt)

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Thomann EP 906 GP Superior Euphonium, Bb Euphonium, ""Superior"" model, 4 Perinet valves made of stainless steel, Arrangement: 3 + 1, Fully compensated, Dual bore: 15.00 x 16.80 mm, Body made of brass, Nickel silver outer slides, Larger bell with Ø 310 mm, Trigger on main slide, Gold trim kit, Gold-plated outerslides, Valve cover (top and bottom), Water keys and tuning slide triggers, Completely high-gloss silver-plated, 3 Water keys, Weight: 5.15 kg, Incl. mouthpiece and gig bag
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